LOOONG time…

no see? but sex? yes…

Change is a part of all relationships.

Sexual adventures included.  We both do not understand others that are not sexually open-minded, confident, curious and natural about their own drives…we continue to wonder about the scrutiny that occurs with “swingers”….it’s quite like being in the “closet”   you should know….:(



A new chapter?

So, an interesting twist of events has landed us in the midst of a typically taboo-area…that fine “GRAY” area or so to speak.

We have lately found our interests have peaked with playing as a threesome versus a foursome…it allows us to be more intimate with one another…and as a couple seeking a third, we have encountered some amazing people…in particular, a he for me and a she for him…

So, for what is considered a jealous fantasy for most couples and most swingers, we are completely tickled with. As I have flirted with a particular man for the past 5 months by phone/email/IM’s/Webcams…who I have FINALLY MET to MUCH delight…My husband has started toying with a beauty we played with recently….she has much of the same ‘kinky’ needs as i do, and this compliments him quite nicely…

WHY you may ask?

There is no jealously with us, when it comes to SEX. Granted, I want to KNOW the girl and APPROVE the girl…and vice versa…it has to ALOT to do with the trust level of the THIRD party…making it clear to them how much we love one another and enjoy this lifestyle and that they aren’t there to “wreck a home”. THAT’S who we choose to play with. There are SO many people out there that are just looking to cheat or be cheaters…that is not us.

I fantasize about my husband walking in on me and my beau…and JOINING in…punishing me like I should be punished…USE me as I should be USED…all in play 😉 Two of the most beautiful and intelligent men I have ever been attracted too…using me to their delight…finding sexual satisfaction through my body…through my mouth…my hands…not just because they want something from me…but because they also desire to GIVE something to me…something amazing…such a respected session of pleasure…


We fantasize about him having his way with her, as I leave the house and come home to find her tied up and blindfolded…she can hear him make love to me…but she has to sit there, alone, wanting more of what she just had…cause it’s never enough…She will of course be satiated…after he is done with me…then he will change us around…and have his way with both of us…

and we love one another.
our honesty. there are NO secrets. we share this together.
it’s our bond as husband and wife.
our kinky, deviant desires.

living for the weekends…

And Monday goes into the workweek…how I can’t wait for the weekends…Although my husband and I have outrageous sex during the week, I long for that freedom of carefree flirtation that comes with meeting other couples…other men and other women…

The dirty thoughts stay with me in my head. We have become rather ‘choosy’ if that is the right word. SOOO many couples out there are not very secure in their relationship. They lack trust. We have trust.

We have so much trust we would rather swing with singles, then couples…why you may ask? It allows US to be more intimate with one another. See, what is so unique to us, is that we ARE so VERY much in love, we love to be close—couples often split (same room) but we like to stay close—playing with single women or single men allow us to accomplish that.

Swingers sometimes are in the lifestyle for the wrong reasons, some lack self-confidence and need that EGO boost. Some (like us) are in it for the sheer delight in watching and being watched—it’s EXCITING!

What GETS awkward? When your “vanilla” friends (swinging-virgins) find out you are swingers and start to fantasize—that gets weird. We did this on our own volition..we wanted to do this, we choose to try it, and we found our way through the ups and downs—TOGETHER.

Now, I have a particular gentleman in mind for our play…he has been just that–a gentleman who has always known WHAT to say and HOW to say it…(single guys, listen up!) So many men approach us, thinking that we just want to get laid—which is not the case—we ARE about friendships, relationships, laughs and feeling IT. So, NO, I would NOT like to see your cock on Cam for the first time we met—I do realize, you would LOVE to see a BOOB the first time, however, that is not how women (women=sexy, sensual, spicy and gracious as well as kinky) work. If you want a hooker, go pay for one. Swingers are not “free hookers”. This particular guy has caught my wit, with his intelligent humor and throaty laugh.

Women—I adore them…again, the sexy, shy, kind that completely SHINE with persona and charm. Not the gross smelling lipstick smokey bar kind. Not the Ego-centric doesn’t leave the house without make-up kind….but the kind that wanders around the house asking for eggs over-easy and cuddles around the house in her pj’s…(hey, wait that’s me!) lol…seriously, we’re pretty down-to-earth…

but healthy (try to be)…We don’t smoke—so we don’t like to play with others that do. We drink on occasion, but prefer a good movie with guacomole and conversation…THEN the sex…oh, the sex…isn’t that why you are reading all of this?

Sex. G rated to XXX rated. We love it all. Kissing, fondling…probing, stroking, grabbing, softer to harder—much harder…the sounds, the smells, the slick feel of cumming all over between us—-this is how WE make love to one another—when it comes to swinging—usually other people are pretty mild to us, and we’ve had to ‘tone it down’, lol…we are made for one another, really, and that’s the why we love it….with the occasional spice to juice it up.

My my my..

Well, this is quite the week to start a blog about our crazy swinging life! This week has definitely been a record breaker for us. We've had three amazing adventures in four days!

First, we finally got to meet up with a BDSM Mistress. And what a beautiful, sexual and powerful creature she is. I got to enjoy watching my beautiful wife be tied and tortured. It was amazing to watch her writhe in pain and pleasure at the expert hands of our new found Mistress. I finally joined in, not being able to wait any longer. My wife, tits bound, was sitting between Mistress' legs facing away. Mistress was pulling her hair and teasing her purple swollen breasts. I couldn't wait any longer and I shoved my cock in her mouth. The remainder of the evening is a blur of pain and pleasure. Rough, kinky, sex and bondage.

Two nights later, we got to meet up with a couple we've played with quite a few times before, as well as a couple we've been trying to meet up with for quite some time. Another amazing night filled with sex ensued. Have you ever had a six'em? Three beautiful sexy women, naked and griding on each other in a pile on the bed. A pile of tits, pussies, mouths and asses, all for the taking. I came twice that night.

And lastly, one of the couples from that night came to our place the night after. We had finally made our way down to our king size bed. She and my wife attacked each other. Groping, spanking and pulling each others hair. There is nothing quite like sticking your cock in another woman's mouth right in front of your wife. Or pounding another woman's pussy from behind as she straddles your wife and with every stroke and collision you watch your wife bounce below her. Or watching your wife slam her face down on another cock showing what a dirty little whore she can be. It can all be so surreal and intoxicating.

So, there it is. My first blog talking about our sex life. Now, its not usually anywhere near this 'busy'. This was definitely a unique week. And all I have to say is, god I'm tired. Hehe.